Sunday, November 24, 2013

Get Cozy

Untitled #987

Untitled #987

Untitled #987 by colette featuring a calla lilly bouquet

I feel like my minimalist style side has really taken over lately. I have half a mind to throw out most of my wardrobe and start again. I love the straight, clean lines of this coat. I also wanted to purchase the leopard sweater when I saw it at French Connection, but my wool sensitivity wouldn't allow me to do it- no matter how much I was in love.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple by colette featuring word wall art

I feel like everything I have bought here in the UK has been related to cats. Not that I really have a problems with it, I might just have a problem. I also purchased a hat that looks like the one in the photo.

Monday, September 23, 2013

UK Trend Report: Street

UK Trend Report: Street

UK Trend Report: Street by colette featuring a brown biker jacket

I have been living in the UK for almost 3 months and these are based on my observations on what, mostly students, have been wearing around town. 

Jackets: olive green jackets, wool coats, parka, recently I have been seeing a lot of duffle coats.

Pants: leggings and skinny jeans are a must because the bottoms fit into boot or don't hit the rain soaked ground.

Boots: besides converse, boots are the most popular footwear. My favorite is the Chelsea boot and combat boots. Flats are also more preferable than heels when going out because of all the uneven pavers and cobblestones.

Bags: satchel style, color-blocked neutrals, trapeze shaped, and backpacks are all common.