Thursday, March 15, 2012

What's in an outfit?

(This is a picture of me being a dork.)

My best friend asked me the other day, “Why do people care what they look like?” At the time I didn’t give it much thought coming from the boy who wears t-shirts and sweatpants every day. However, that question stuck with me. I can only account for my own opinion, reasons, and feelings because these are what drives me to do things. Some of the reasons I immediately though of were respect, self-esteem, social acceptance. My main part of the day right now is to survive. I may wear a dress when feeling good, wear crazy impractical shoes because I can, and change up my make-up because I feel like it. When I have a presentation, I feel expected (and sometimes am) to look nicer. Some days as soon as I am done, the first thing I do is change into sweatpants.

So tell me, Why do you dress up or feel the need to “look nice.” What do you feel the most comfortable in (physically/mentally)?

(Some of the feedback I got to this question from people on tumblr is that there sometimes is that definite divide between comfort and style.)

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