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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Light & Bright

You are a person, Not a size

Today I wanted to just get out what has been bothering me in the blogging world lately- 'thinspo' blogs. Living a healthy lifestyle of eating nutritious food and daily exercise is fantastic. I will be the first to admit that I don't eat as well or exercise as much as I should. Which is why I am going to start trying to get in better shape when I am not feeling so exhausted from work. A nice diet and exercise, we all know is beneficial to many areas of health. But the thing that really bothers me are that there are these beautiful girls and women who feel the need to starve themselves and overwork their bodies in order to drop all of this weight, usually unnecessarily, in order to feel pretty. I know this is a mental issue, but 'Thinspiration' should not come from tiny models and celebrities, but the want to be healthy. I am glad that some fashion/teen magazines are now starting to not use Photoshop on their images, because media has a tendency to send the wrong messages about beauty and social acceptance. So, today I just wanted to say that you are all beautiful, inside and out. xoxo <3

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Impossible Conversations

Impossible Conversations

The Met Costume Institute's Spring 2012 Exhibit, "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations" is here! The gala opening for the exhibit was attended by many glamourous celebrities in order to celebrate the work of these two important women in fashion. Beyonce was stunning in her Givenchy gown, and to think she just had a baby! I adore all of the incredible work on Scarlett Johansson's Dolce & Gabbana's gown. I think that Leighton Meester was my favorite however in the gold Marchesa. Cate Blanchett and Florence Welch can do no wrong in Alexander McQueen. I don't think I have to mention all of those who wore Prada!

I have actually had the pleasure of holding a real vintage Schiaparelli hat!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms out there! This set is inspired by my mother because her favorite color is green. Sorry I have not been posting as often as I should. I have been so busy with work. xoxo <3

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Floral On

Floral On

I am really in love with this silk floral print Roberto Cavalli blazer. I think it is a perfect piece for spring and summer. The studs on the jean shorts are also interesting to be because it seems that everyone here at my school is obsessed with spikes and studs on their clothing and accessories. xo

Vogue Around the World

Vogue Around the World by colette on

I recently started working on a collection of sets that were inspired by Vogue covers from all of the different Vogue magazines around the world. Some of the ones I have done so far are UK, India, China, Germany, Paris, Italy, Brazil, and Mexico. More to come with places such as Turkey, Korea, Australia, America, some repeats and more! This collection has really wonderful to me because it combines my love of couture dresses with the bible of fashion- Vogue. Fashion publications are one of my favorite aspects of the fashion industry and one day I hope to work/intern at one. Flip through them all & let me know which one is your favorite if you want. xo <3



May-day by colette featuring a tie shirt

These photos were taken of me by my roommate for her photo project. Check out her flickr, she's awesome. Today I have two finals and a paper to write and I am done with my freshman year of college. This year really did go by so fast. Then I am going out into the "real world" and working. My roommate for next year is also on the right in the top right picture. We're going to be living in an apartment with 3 other girls, which will be a nice change from dorm style living. I bought a lot of new clothes for work, so hopefully I can put pics up later of some of my outfits this summer! xo