Monday, April 2, 2012

"18th Century Cosmo"

I saw this when I was on memebase............ when I obviously should be studying. I found this fake Cosmopolitan magazine amusing since I was working on my fashion history homework earlier. Then of course, I had to inspect the image- making a mental inventory of what I saw: bell sleeves, rounded neckline, chemise, and so on. I find the "101 Ways to Drop A Handkerchief" very amusing because it reminds of when in Pride and Prejudice Lydia tries to drop her handkerchief in order for an officer to pick it up for her and later asks Lizzie if she dropped hers on purpose too when Wickham picks her handkerchief off the ground. My magazines of choice are Vogue, Instyle, and Glamour because of the amount of fashion content and beautiful spreads. I also like to look at all off the ads that fill up the pages to see what's trending in fashion, marketing, or to be jealous that I can't afford anything.

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