Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Dose of Norman Norell

Norman Norell: Evening Suit, 1963-65

I am enticing you to read this post with a picture of a gorgeous Norman Norell dress. Sadly, my life has been consumed with finishing projects- which includes my fashion designers paper about Norman Norell and Karl Lagerfeld. I get to go home Friday though because Saturday is my b-day and I will hopefully get an interview Monday morning for TJMAxx. For a small dose of Fashion History, Norman Norell was the first great couture designer in America making beautiful Ready-to-Wear during the world wars and the sixties. One of the many designs he was famous for were fully sequined "mermaid" gowns that were made to look like glimmering fish scales. So when you see something fully sequined or beaded, think of Norman Norell.
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