Tuesday, April 24, 2012

La Belle Fleur

La Belle Fleur

I have really been inspired by flowers and floral prints lately. I think it has to do with the fact I am in a spring mood. However, this snowstorm really messed me up and confused all of the flowers. This gorgeous dress is from my love Elie Saab. I usually don't wear a lot of pink or florals right now. Most of my clothes are black, blue, or grey. I want to revamp my entire closet this summer with a classic/trendy versatile wardrobe. I have clothes in there from the 8th grade and I am finishing my freshman year of college. So, SPRING CLEANING AHOY! xo


  1. As usual, you have the best inspiration boards! I'm so into florals too. We've got the same thing going on. I've always been grey/black/blue, but I'm slowly changing up my wardrobe to include pastels/florals.

    Don't forget to try selling your stuff to a local resale shop like BuffaloExchange or Plato's Closet! :P

    1. We have a Platos Closet here up by my college. I'm sure I'll give some of my stuff to places like there and the Rescue Mission. I'm glad I'm not alone!